2000-2005 ESAG/ Ecole Supérieure d’Art de Grenoble

2004 learning painting, sculpture and ceramic in Reykjavik with Solveig Holmarsdottir and Ölof Bjorg Bjornsdottir.


November 2004 

Collective exhibition in afnafjordur (Island) with the painter Ölof Bjorg Bjornsdottir.                               

January/February 2005
Solo exhibiton in Reykjavik (Island), galerie Igulker.

13 – 14 – 15 October 2005

Solo exhibition during the bubblegum monster festival (grenoble).

-September 2007

Collective exhibition, galerie animal Chill (Grenoble).

-April 2009

Solo exhibition, galerie Losange (Grenoble).

-October 2009

Collective exhibition ,Color out of space festival (Brighton).

-October/Décember 2009

Collective exhibition, Géo Charles museum (Echirolles)  for the “18 DOLLS” project of NON with dolls made by Loren Capelli, Corinne Dreyfus, Philipe Favier, Anne Herbauts, Audrey La Delfa, Corinne Lovera Vitali and Richard Morgiève.